New Brand: The Chinese Timekeeper

December 1, 2011 News,Watch Brands 0 Comment

We are proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributor in Europe for the first high-end Chinese watch brand: The Chinese Timekeeper.

The Chinese Timekeeper is not only a watch brand with an extraordinary heritage, it is a brand with an ambitious mission: To redefine the meaning of exclusivity and the image of Chinese-crafted timepieces. All the watches are produced as a Limited Edition, carefully manufactured to the most rigorous standards by the finest watchmakers China has to offer. In other words, The Chinese Timekeeper is proud of its history and certainly excited about its future.

CTK01 Watch Limited Edition

Over six dynasties spanning a thousand years, some of the most influential Chinese scholars spent their lives developing mechanical timekeeping devices. Although in the early days, the conquest of time was driven by the pursuit of astrological knowledge rather than the precise measurement of time, China was the first among all civilizations to be able to measure time accurately. Following in the footsteps of our prestigious ancestors — paying particular tribute to Su Song — The Chinese Timekeeper embraces China’s history to create the first exclusive Chinese watch collection.

Each case is hand-made and finished to a high-gloss; “Secret” compartments hold the second strap and purchase documents. Cases are individually numbered to match your CTK timepiece. Every CTK timepiece comes with this stunning black lacquered display case. Inspired by traditional Chinese pillow boxes, the CTK display case is almost as desirable and collectible as the timepiece itself.

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