Japy Watches

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The brand, created in 1771, is synonymous with great industrial advancement. Its founder was Frédéric Japy, a protestant, born in Beaucourt, France, in 1749. The son of a blacksmith, the young man learned the craft of timekeeping in Le Locle, a locality that had not yet become part of Switzerland, but still belonged to the King of Prussia. Returning home, Japy created his own enterprise. It would grow dramatically during the next century, with the development of other activities, such as locksmithing and producing typewriters.
In Beaucourt, in the Territory of Belfort, not far from Delle, a border village in the Swiss Jura region, a museum retraces the glory of the grand Japy. Not less than thirteen factories carried the Japy name during its heyday. None exist today. Only the patrimony is left, but an enormous patrimony it is. All is still in storage, so to speak, but it still breathes life. The DNA of Japy has not disappeared. The industrialists of today understand quite well the cloning that has taken place.

Japy watches are crafted to endure the most difficult situations . A case cut in two shells of 316L surgical stainless steel, a precision movement. Luminescent hands and hour markers, a perfectly protected crown. A sapphire crystal coated against reflections on both sides for a perfect legibility. A strong and thick band adapted to heavy duty.

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