BaselWorld 2011: Rhein Fils

March 27, 2011 Leather Goods,News 0 Comment

Rhein Fils was founded in 1913 in St. Imier Switzerland, in the middle of the Swiss Watch Valley in the north-western part of Switzerland. Every year they launch new collections and this week the launched a new summer collection with vibrant colors during BaselWorld 2011.

Rhein Fils Saffiano Fuchsia
Saffiano Fuchsia
REFERCENCE: Ref. 51009/14
COLOR 14 Fuchsia
MATERIAL Saffiano Calf
DESCRIPTION “Hermes” Saffiano Calf with French Alsavel lining.

Rhein Fils summer collection

Colors available: Saffiano White (Ref. 51009/08), Saffiano Light Green (Ref. 51009/42), Saffiano Light Grey (Ref. 51009/07), Saffiano Watermelon (Ref. 51009/81), Saffiano Ocean (Ref. 51009/05), Saffiano Lila (Ref. 51009/32), Saffiano Grass (Ref. 51009/82), Saffiano Rose (Ref. 51009/83) and Saffiano Salmon (Ref. 51009/84).

We hope to have the watch straps available in The BeNeLux very soon. To make an appointment for a viewing, please contact us via the contact page on this website. Or to place an order please call us at: +31205711564.

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