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BaselWorld 2016: Itay Noy Chrono Gears

March 10, 2016 Watch Brands 0 Comment

Year in, year out, master designer and watchmaker Itay Noy manages to dream, design and create complete new watches. This year during BaselWorld 2016 in Basel, Switzerland the master himself will launch several new models, of which the talking piece: Chrono Gears.

BaselWorld 2015: Itay Noy Part Time

March 20, 2015 Watch Brands 0 Comment

PART TIME COLLECTION: The watches in this collection contain an in-house dynamic dial with various windows. Each window displays a partial indication about the time and together they complete the full information. While the left half of the dial reveals the day ...

BaselWorld 2015: CTK Red Jade Watch

March 20, 2015 Watch Brands 0 Comment

The philosophy and culture of The Chinese Timekeeper are beautifully exemplified in The Chinese Timekeeper – Three Hands Automatic with Jade. Indeed, this stunning and unique timepiece exudes a true Chinese identity. While this timepiece perfectly finds its place in our collection it will definitely stand out on any one else’s ...

BaselWorld 2014: Itay Noy Point of View Watch

March 22, 2014 News,Watch Brands 0 Comment

ITAY NOY timepieces are designed & made by Itay Noy, an award-winning Israeli designer and timepiece maker. Displayed in exhibitions around the world, ITAY NOY’s timepieces have been acquired for museums & collectors. This year during BaselWorld 2014, Itay Noy will present his newest collection: Point of View.

BaselWorld 2014: CTK 38mm Limited Edition

March 22, 2014 News,Watch Brands 0 Comment

Hong Kong based Frenchman Adrien Choux launched The Chinese Timekeeper, a brand inspired by the ancient Chinese clock tower designer Su Song, three years ago. The shape of the case was engineered to respect an Ancient Chinese Pagoda inside the clock-tower from which bystanders could hear and see the display ...

BaselWorld 2013: Itay Noy presents Hyper Scape Collection

This year "Itay Noy" will be presented in the Hall of Emotions, where we reveal the new collection that was produced during the past year. We invite you to visit us at the upcoming exhibition at Hall 2.0 Booth V02 The hyper cityscape ...

BaselWorld 2013: CTK White Jade Watch

April 30, 2013 News,Watch Brands 0 Comment

Last year, the first year at BaselWorld,  The Chinese Timekeeper brought you the first watches boasting China’s most precious stone: Green Jade. They are back this year with a charismatic and unexpected addition to our Jade Collection: The Chinese Timekeeper – White Jade Automatic.

BaselWorld 2012: DiaLOG Collection by Itay Noy

March 30, 2012 News,Watch Brands 0 Comment

This is the second year that artisan and watchmaker Itay Noy will be present at BaselWorld and we are proud to support him in Hall 5.1! The dials in this collection hide and reveal the movements The collection displays an inner dialog between ...

BaselWorld 2012: First watch with Jade – CTK13

March 29, 2012 News,Watch Brands 0 Comment

This is the first year that this exclusive young Chinese brand, The Chinese Timekeeper, will be present at BaselWorld 2013 and Team ChronoTime will be present to welcome you there. The Chinese Luxury House is leading a revolution to establish home-grown brands with strong identity and appeal. In this everyday fight ...

New Brand: The Chinese Timekeeper

December 1, 2011 News,Watch Brands 0 Comment

We are proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributor in Europe for the first high-end Chinese watch brand: The Chinese Timekeeper. The Chinese Timekeeper is not only a watch brand with an extraordinary heritage, it is a brand with an ambitious mission: To redefine the meaning of exclusivity and the image of Chinese-crafted ...